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Roof panels made of composite materials such as foam or cellulose layer sandwiched between two metal sheets or two plastic sheets also come under green building materials. They are light in weight, inexpensive and provide good insulation for the structure and save energy. Fig 12: Composite Roof Panels 13.【Get Price】

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Finally, roofing membranes are used as a component in “ green roofs,” consisting of multi-layer soil and drainage systems upon which vegetation can grow on urban roofs. Green roofs, in turn, can improve the energy efficiency of buildings, enhance the look of urban rooftops, and promote healthier air in such areas.【Get Price】

Eight Eco-friendly Roofing Materials When Building A Roof.

The roof is easy to fix.The fact that corrugated roofing is durable makes it an excellent green building material for homeowners. Reclaimed Slate or Clay Roof Since time immemorial, clay and slate tiles have been used for roofing and people covet them up to date. Reclaimed tiles are the most eco-friendly option for roofing.【Get Price】

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Also known as living roofs, green roofs are flat or low-slope roofs that are partially or completely covered by vegetation, either in the form of grass or other small plants, preferably species native to the local area. Green roofs also include a growing medium (typically soil and inorganic materials) and a synthetic waterproof membrane.【Get Price】

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Some roofs are literally green. Live vegetation can take the place of shingles, tile, or sheet metal. But one of the most important considerations for a sustainably built house is durability. The longer the roof lasts, the greener it is.【Get Price】

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The basic build up of a green roof is three layered: drainage, filter and vegetation layer. Each layer needs to fulfil several functions to decrease the height and the weight of the overall build-up.【Get Price】

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