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Movable Swimming Pool Floor | A Great solution for any pool

We have more than 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and installing movable swimming pool floors in all thinkable environments. You can find our movable floors in private pools, public pools, rehabilitation facilities and in luxury yachts. Many movable swimming pool floors are still being used daily, even after 25 years of service. For more information, please【Get Price】

Adjustable Floor Pool – Why Setting Your Own Depth Is Beneficial

Reclaim Floor Space When not in use, a traditional pool can take up a lot of unusable floor space. However, when an adjustable floor pool is not in use, the floor can be fully raised to create a flat, water-free surface. This reclaimed space can be used in any number of ways, such as for patio seating or for a barbecue area.【Get Price】

Movable Floors | Twinscape

A Hydrofloors® movable floors structure comprises stainless steel beams, which are calculated precisely to match the pool size requirements to allow for a strong load capacity. A higher load capacity at the surface level (250 kg/m2) is achieved by using locking pins sliding automatically in the pool shell walls.【Get Price】

Swimming pool construction and design | Moving Floors.

It is a swimming pool that is designed and built with a floor at the base of the pool. Many people want a luxury pool without permanently sacrificing space to the pool. When the moving floor is activated, it rises to the top of the pool, covering the water with a solid floor. Using a control panel, clients pre-set the depth of water for swimming.【Get Price】

Adjustable Floor Variable Depth Pools - HydroWorx®

The entire pool floor is fully adjustable in height, allowing individuals to simply stand or sit on the treadmill while it is flush with the surrounding floor and be lowered into the water.【Get Price】

Movable Swimming Pool Floor - EWAC Medical

Product movable swimming pool floors The movable swimming pool floor enables the therapist to choose the right depth for the patient. Because of the buoyancy of the water, the loading on the patients joints can be reduced, which makes it easier to move and practise.【Get Price】

Movable floor for swimming pools by Variopool

A floor or bulkhead for your pool increases the flexibility and functionality of any competition, hydrotherapy, public pool as it allows one single pool tank to accommodate several activities simultaneously or at varying depths.【Get Price】

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