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25 Bamboo Fence Ideas for Privacy and Aesthetic - In Backyard

The sleek design of this bamboo fence denotes contemporary style nicely. The stained finish gives it a darker look, which makes it bolder. The smaller bamboos stand vertically to hold any peeping Tom at bay. The larger ones lie horizontally between two bamboo frames to enrich the look while holding some plants.【Get Price】

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Bamboo fencing can keep undesirable visitors from wiping out your flower or vegetable garden. Bamboo is a versatile material that is not only functional but also beautiful. Relatively low-cost to buy and easy-to-install, bamboo fencing comes in a number of styles. There are different types of bamboo fencing, and deciding on the best one for…【Get Price】

26 Bamboo Fencing Ideas for Garden, Patio or Balcony

Our Linjosa bamboo fence panels are very popular because they have a unique oriental look. When creating city gardens with different types of flowers and plants, gardeners and landscapers often choose for these Indonesian bamboo garden screens in their designs. This fence consists out of bamboo fence rolls finished with half round bamboo poles.【Get Price】

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Aluminum fencing comes in different styles and different heights. It also works great as a property border to fence in a backyard. It’s strong enough that pets won’t chew threw it. This is a picture of a bamboo privacy fence. Most often, bamboo fencing comes in rolled panels and each bamboo pole is tied tight to the next one, creating a.【Get Price】

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Transform the look and feel of your garden with our bamboo screening. There are many uses for bamboo fencing, including covering unsightly garden fences or splitting your garden into different areas. We have a range of different bamboo roll heights and types so you can be sure to find the screen that fits your garden’s size as well as its style.【Get Price】

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