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Do you put plastic behind a retaining wall??

Do you put plastic behind a retaining wall?? im building a retaining wall 39cm high and noticed my neighbours wall similar to what i am doing has got this white stuff appearing on the blocks, looks like salt damp.【Get Price】

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The 'How-to' of building Timber Retaining Walls. This Video shows how to finish your wall, with appropriate drainage to ensure a wall that will last.【Get Price】

How to Lay Landscaping Fabric Behind a Retaining Wall | Home.

Dig a 6- to 8-inch wide trench immediately behind the retaining wall with a shovel. Dig slowly and carefully to avoid putting added pressure on the wall and causing it to topple over. Stop digging...【Get Price】

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I got a retaining wall done by a professional and there are few issues: (a) He has not installed black plastic (or similar material) between timber retaining wall and soil. When asked, said timber which has used is treated pine and it does not make much different.【Get Price】

Retaining soil behind sleepers , do i need a plastic liner of.

I built a 1 metre retaining wall from softwood sleepers, the ground was cut back behind the wall with a weed membrane type fabric against the soil/chalk, and then the gap filled with gravel.【Get Price】

How do you seal a wood retaining wall? -

Wash the wall (or wooden planks). Apply the product with a paint brush, two coats of stain, and one coat of sealant. Make sure when cuts are made to treated timber that you get those exposed cuts sealed. Your retaining wall will have to dry a few days, rain notwithstanding.【Get Price】

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The KLP® Prowal retaining wall system is constructed with recycled plastic tongue and groove planks. The height of the partition can be raised by 15 cm increments. The composite retaining wall can be used in straight banks, yet it can also easily be applied to curves. For the finishing touch we supply KLP® plastic fenders.【Get Price】

Criblock Retaining Walls | Kriblok Retaing Walls | Timbalok.

Criblock retaining walls are a gravity type retaining wall that uses cells created by timber, pre-cast concrete or plastic framing. The cells are filled with stone therefore they give the mass for structural stability. Criblock is not dependant on tie-back or geo grid systems for wall stability. As a result this greatly reduces earth works.【Get Price】

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