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When I redid the floor in my model A I framed it with 3/4" steel square tube, welded steel sheet to that...on top of the framing for firewall and trans tunnel, and to the bottom on driver and passenger side floors and toe kick. Then cut 3/4" plywood to sit atop the sheet. I'll never do an all steel floor again. Nimrod, Feb 22, 2007【Get Price】

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At EMS Automotive we are always concerned about proper installation and great customer satisfaction.To make an order call us at 248-546-0232 or visit our web...【Get Price】

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No fancy tools or supplies here, just your run of the mill manila folders cut to shape and size to fit each side of the front floor pan and kick panels. Once the main floor pan section was built and the floor shape was established Mark decided to make a template for the center section of the floor.【Get Price】

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This web site is owned and operated by Hot Rods World Wide. We specialize in sheet metal products for early Fords and Chevys manufactured by EMS Automotive. This online store serves the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Brazil and Germany.【Get Price】

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I took the time to primer the bottom of the floor pan before installing it, but I didn't remove the sheet metal burrs, which I paid for in blood. It also turned out to be a mistake to cut the wheel well repair out of the same sheet. The problem is that steel sheets bend easy enough, but are very tough to stretch. In my compromise, I took the sheet metal into the wheel well a little farther.【Get Price】


You will have to hole-saw a 1.25" hole through the floor to get to your body bolt. (PHOTO 10, 11, 12) Punch or drill your 5/16" holes and use the set-up screws to hold the new floor in place. (PHOTO 13) Weld the floor in place, then grind and prime the new metal.【Get Price】

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Using little more than a sheet of 16-gauge steel and some hand tools, we recreated the floor pans, including the ribs where needed. Material costs were cheap—less than $50— and we picked up.【Get Price】

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We fabricate sheet metal panels for the passenger floor board and I discuss and tools I use.【Get Price】

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