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Many types of composite siding will become defective or deteriorate prematurely due to lack of or poor maintenance just like real wood. Composite siding is also known to develop problems due to manufacture defects, which have resulted in many class action lawsuits, some of which are ongoing or coming soon.【Get Price】

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One of the major composite siding problems is poor installation. Some homeowners go for installation companies without minding their reputation and this really costs them. It is very certain that not all companies have qualified professionals and therefore it is upon you to look for an installation expert.【Get Price】

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Composite Wood Siding Options: The Facts Cedar, hardwood and Masonite. Many natural wood sidings, such as cedar, have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that strengthen them against moisture, but even combined with protective sealants, this only goes so far. They're still prone to warping and eventual rot.【Get Price】

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Main Disadvantages of Composite Siding Materials Additionally known as cladding, hardboard or weatherboard, composite siding is may be an extreme fire hazard and become prone to cracking or buckling; allowing moisture to become out of control if a leak develops.【Get Price】

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