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The depth of a deck (from front to back) should always be taken into consideration. A common method for staggering a deck is to start the first row with a full plank, then cut one-third of the next...【Get Price】

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To stagger deck boards start at one corner of the deck with a full board perpendicular to the joists. Measure, cut and lay the next plank end to end with the first so the two butting ends are centered on a joist. Use the cut-off piece next to the full plank to begin the second row. Repeat the alternating pattern.【Get Price】

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Staggering the joints when laying the boards is essential if your deck dimensions are longer than your boards. This will help you to see where exactly you need to apply the boards and where you’ll need to cut them. Step 2: Select Your First Board Choose your first board by selecting the straightest board.【Get Price】

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Design Wider Composite Decks with Inserts to Avoid Staggering Joints If your deck is wider, then available composite boards integrate inserts into the design. Removing butt joints from the decking while enhancing the look of the deck. A single insert border doubles the potential size of the deck while avoiding staggering boards and butt joints.【Get Price】

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Composite decks are not as stable as wood, so the parts shrink and expand across the boards when the temperatures fluctuate. One of the ways to add an appealing look when the decks are installed is through staggering. While installing the decks, ensure there is proper spacing, which helps to allow seamless movement that is free from buckling.【Get Price】

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Staggering the joints has the advantage that it may look more like a continuous deck, but I have read that the pressure treated boards can shrink at different rates and are often different widths so the joints don't look great over time and can open up.【Get Price】

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Lay your first board, starting in the corner of the deck, perpendicular to the support beams of your frame, along one edge of the deck. Step 2 Nail the board down by driving a pair of nails through the board and into the support beam beneath it over each beam it crosses. Step 3【Get Price】

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